About CID

Background & Experience

Crump Industrial Design has a broad, knowledgeable background in the product design process. CID brings together the necessary professional resources and services that are required on a project by project basis. As a team we work very closely with our client's engineering, marketing and management teams to insure that the design is accurately developed relative to our client's expectations and goals. This virtual aspect of CID allows us to do large or small projects and keep project cost to a minimum.


CID is pursuing the future of product design and development. We believe that the continual lowering of product development cost and an increasingly faster time-to-market is imperative for success in the future. We also believe that building relationships will be even more important in the future. Relationships that generate a mutual understanding of capabilities, needs strategies, goals and objectives of both CID and the business partner. These will be the most important factors going into the future. CID plans to meet these evolving challenges by structuring for flexibility and adaptability. We believe that can be accomplished by doing the following: